Attractive Story
The story is the initial point of the game’s development, and its
most crucial element. We tell the story of a group of children and
the special relationship formed by their common goal: to run away
from home. The main theme is “running away,” which we use to
explore the feelings and emotions that children have and that
adults tend to ignore. It’s a nostalgic journey to our own childhoods,
without leaning too heavily on it.
The entire game, then, has its origin and its center within the story.
The game mechanics are intended to provoke the same feelings
that being a kid gave us once upon a time, with minigames
that evoke that childhood and environments that recreate a 90s
We want the player to feel the excitement that a kid experiences
when being part of a crew. It’s an emotional game, nostalgic, happy,
and moving. We want the player to cry, laugh, suffer, and for them
to feel like one more among the characters.