Captain's Ring

El Anillo del Capitán

Our protagonist is Loth, an 8-year-old boy who wants to run away from home. He meets a mysterious girl, self-proclaimed to be “The Captain", who shares his same goal. Together, with the many kids in town who also wish to escape, they will form a crew. Why is that? Well, because the Captain has a secret: in the middle of the woods, crashed into the ground, she found a spaceship. Now, with each other’s’ help they will fix it and use it to not just run away from their homes, but -with your help- from the planet itself! Or at least, that’s what they want.

On their journey they might miss their mothers, their homes, or their pets… or perhaps they might realize that their troubles were not as big as they were making them out to be, definitely not enough to leave the planet. So, while some kids might stick for the trip, some might decide to go back home. The only thing that’s known for sure is that The Captain will leave.



An adventurous mind and spirit, but lazy as no one else.

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The Captain

Brave and bold. A born leader.

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Angry and short tempered.

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The game is played by controlling a character that’s able to move on all possible angles.

The camera position, however, will be determined by the needs of the narrative and the gameplay, and the player will not be able to control it.

The UI will be simple, and it will revolve around the use of Loth’s, the main character, travel journal.

There will be items on the screen, and the dialogues will be displayed on windows or clouds near the characters.

Gameplay image


Every task is a puzzle mini game ¿can you beat all of them?


The journey into fixing The Ship ain't an easy one. Adventure awaits for you!


Explore the world and unravel the mystery of the captain ring

 Story driven

An inmersive story divided in chapters.

What is really a home?

We are animators, artists, designers and writers who decided to join with a common goal.

In the beggining, the idea started as two different projects, a children's story and the development of an adventure game. At one point, the game lacked of narrative and the children's story evolved into something more complex, that needed something special to work.
Thus, in 2016, the gestation of the current project began, led by Daniel and Camila, along with others who collaborated on that initial idea.
After several years working on the idea and two failed applications to the CNCA (the Chilean Council for Arts and Culture), we decided to jump into development in 2018. We looked for a team, which is the current one, and we developed a proposal that, on its third attempt, won the 2019 Chilean Audiovisual Development Fund.

Camila Valenzuela


Founding Partner

Daniel Rojas L.


Founding Partner / Game Designer

Itzá Rovira


Scriptwriter /Storyboard artist

Carolina Tobar

Visual Development

Concept Artist

Joaquín Nuñez

Technical Artist

3D Modeler

Javiera Cordero

Art Director

Loreto Arluciaga

Visual Developer


Paulina Aravena

Character Designer

Noelia Véliz

3D Modeler

  • Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile

Proyecto financiado por el Fondo de Fomento Audiovisual, convocatoria 2019